Discover Your Purpose in Life: A Tutorial on How to Discern For Yourself

In this short video, I explain what comes up again and again as direction for anyone seeking the answer to what their "purpose in life" is.  I also give examples of how this shows up.

March 2019 Intuitive Update

This is a 5 minute or less outline of the tendencies, energies, and frequencies showing up for all of us in the month of March.

How To Know If It Is Your Intuition Communicating With You

Over the past 20+ years doing this work, I have had many clients ask how they can know if it is indeed their intuition they are experiencing. and not their thinking.  In this video, I explain the nature of how your intuition shows up in your experience and briefly talk about what IS NOT your intuition.

Increase Your Health:  My 4 "must-have" Health Items

In this video I display and talk about the 4 health items I have on hand and use almost daily.  I often bring up these items in sessions, and this is a chance to be introduced to them.

February 2019 Intuitive Update

This is a 5 minute or less snapshot of the energies, tendencies, and frequencies showing up in February.

Intuition Development by Going into The Silence - a Tutorial

In this video I give a detailed explanation of what I am referring to when I say "going into the silence" and I describe how to do it in a way that allows you to connect in with your Soul Essense as a way to develop your intuition..

Unblocking Your Success:

Sometimes we have an issue or illness that seems to hang on no matter what we do. In this video, I talk about a method I have used to unblock the issue for your success – regardless of whether the issue is with your body, relationships, finances, success, etc.

Tap Into Your Intuition to Determine Your Next Move:

Learn a method for using your intuition to determine your next move in life with Grace Christian, Medical Intuitive. I have been teaching others how to cultivate and trust their intuition for 20 years and here is one exercise you can use to be successful in making critical choices for your future.