The Key To Success

Posted on: 08-7-2015

The KEY to Success

By Grace Christian

“The key to success is to risk thinking unconventional thoughts. Convention is the enemy of progress.” – Trevor Baylis, inventor

In working with individuals and groups for about two decades as an intuitive and a success coach, I began to recognize early on that the electromagnetic field around their body created a pattern or matrix and it emanated a frequency.

That’s right. We are generating and broadcasting a frequency.

I noticed the pattern shifted as the person’s thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and health changed. Thus, the frequency changed as well.

Just as a tuning fork creates a vibration or frequency and resonates with other tuning forks of “like” vibration, so do we resonate and attract similar resonances.

Most of us have no idea that we are attracting to us every circumstance, person, and experience in our life.

In his book Think and Grow Rich, Napolean Hill describes it by saying pulses of energy are generated when people think thoughts and create ideas. The pulses of energy send waves radiating out from the thinker – similar to broadcasting radio waves.

What I have found is that the thinker also has feelings associated with those thoughts. Feelings such as wonder, anger, enjoyment, or anxiety to name a few. Each feeling coupled with a thought generates a vibration. Thought/feelings experienced often enough and long enough create beliefs. Beliefs influence other feelings about our thoughts.

All of our combined thoughts, feelings, and beliefs generate our frequency which is constantly being broadcasted out into the world and attracts similar frequencies.

We can change what we are attracting by changing our thoughts – and our feelings about those thoughts.

In my work, I train you to: 1) recognize your sabotaging thoughts and subconscious beliefs which keep you stuck (and attracting the same dysfunctional scenarios over and over again) and, 2) eliminate them and replace them with winning thoughts and beliefs.

In our culture, I find that winning thoughts are very unconventional!


Because our culture has taught us that if we just think hard enough on the problem, we will think up the right answer to it. So, almost all of us focus on, or worry about, our problems in an effort to solve them. It is very conventional to focus on your problems – everybody does it!

I will teach you to become unconventional . . . the KEY to Success!

Here is what other clients had to say about my work with them:

“My experience with Grace Christian’s healing has been one of empowerment, where one is able to remember that we all have a healer within us. We just need to be reminded and guided by someone like Grace Christian, a person with an open heart and with no ego. “

Lina Smith, San Luis Obispo, CA

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