"What Grace has meant to me and my family has been huge. I've known for her around 20 years. I can tell you that she's got amazing intuition that has helped me and 10+ of my family members and numerous friends. When we either can't figure out what is causing our bodies to be out of whack, Grace has used her intuition to help figure out what is going on so we can get our bodies back in balance. Or if we do know what is causing the body stress, but we don't know what the solution to feel better, Grace has helped us with the answer as well.
She is kind, accurate, thoughtful and is always learning. It's amazing how much she's learned in the years I've known her and how healing this information has bee in to myself and my family so that we can become better! She's also a kind of a life coach that can help out emotionally when one of us is in a rut. She brings compassion and a fresh perspective so that we can get back on our true path. And she's got an abundance of patience as we turn "our ships around" on our own time.
Grace is just the first person I think of whenever something is going on for myself, my family and friends!"



“Time and time again Grace’s abilities as a Medical Intuitive prove to be highly accurate in pinpointing the core physical concern for a patient. When appropriate, she is also able to help the patient address the emotional component of the physical dis-ease so they can release it and speed their healing. I highly recommend her services.”

Dr. Jeffrey Robinson
AZ MultiCare Scottsdale, AZ

"Grace has an incredible ability to communicate with the body. Often she finds something no one else has been able to uncover."

Dr. Joe Breuwet
Upper Cervical Hawaii

"Grace Christian is so much more than just an intuitive listening to the human body and how it works. Her utterly professional methodology is a brilliant addition to any physician’s diagnosis or laboratory recommendations, and she provides direct and immediate access to the spiritual and emotional components of body dysfunction and disease. Her approach is elegant, yet as simple as a phrase spoken by that still small voice of truth. She eliminates many of the extraneous aspects of medical guesswork, yet, more importantly, her channel of inspiration is dramatically effective. Not only can she bring to consciousness the unresolved emotional conflicts that contribute to illness in a patient, but she helps deepen the awareness for other physicians and health practitioners toward the common goal of achieving true healing. I highly recommend Ms. Christian as a vital part of your health team. I know she will comfortably teach you how to think a little differently, how to believe a little differently, and how to love a little differently, without ever forcing you into something for which you are not ready or comfortable. She will ground you, calm you, and give you renewed faith."

Dr. Steven D.

“After years of misdiagnosis and two unnecessary operations, via the telephone Grace diagnosed my daughter. She had Mycoplasma, which too many doctors still pretend does not exist. We had her tested, and indeed, it was in the blood already. She was slowly dying yet doctors wanted to put her on antidepressants. Thank God for Grace. We had her tested and indeed, my daughter did have Mycoplasma. What more can I say? We were skeptics, now we are convinced about Grace’s abilities.”

Maya Moltzer
Mallorca, Spain

"Grace is a gifted medical intuitive who has empowered many individuals to heal themselves on all levels. What makes Grace unique among intuitives is that she is also a compassionate guide and a talented teacher. I have worked with Grace to successfully find physical, mental, emotional and spiritual harmony in my life. I have learned how to live my life in greater balance and to expand and enhance each and every moment of new-found health and happiness. Grace also generously taught me the practices that I have needed to continue my healing outside of our formal sessions. I now have the skills to deal with events “on the spot” and regain my balance."

Cathy Oleson
Senior Vice President, General Dynamics (Retired), Phoenix, AZ

“Grace is an amazing gifted medical intuitive, healer and teacher I feel blessed to know her and experience her gifts personally

I had been struggling with lots of imbalances with menopause and had been back and forth to naturopaths and doctors for about 18 months and my symptoms were getting worse..

Grace was able to energetically tune into what was going on and recommend some supplements and lifestyle changes to help re-balance my system….

She has a beautiful caring approach and is able to share useful knowledge to assist in moving through change in a positive way. I highly recommend Grace if you want to deepen your awareness and empower your own health in a holistic effective way…”

Emma Kupu Mitchell, Aiea, Hawaii
Energy Healer and sound practitioner

"Grace Christian is an angel on earth! She is clear and present with palpable healing energy. I find her intuitive work to be precise, specific and very helpful for my healing. After a session with Grace, I feel lighter (as in unburdened), happy, and well grounded. Her professional manner gives me confidence and trust. She is a true asset to our healing community."

Columbia, MO

"As the saying goes “knowledge is power”. Working with Grace Christian and her intuitive gifts is an important investment in self-knowledge and a key to moving forward with your life."

Molly Stevenson
Denver, CO

"Grace’s intuitive assistance has been extremely enlightening and helpful. Not only has her keen intuition helped me in ways I cannot begin to explain in two sentences, but she has helped my son and husband through seeing their energy in me. I am so grateful that she came into my life."

Denise Cook
Littleton, CO

"I have a science background and a skeptical nature. When I had my first session with Grace, I was on the lookout for anything that made me feel uncomfortable but that never happened. Lisa immediately set me at ease. She is intelligent and articulate and I had a strong sense of her authenticity. My first session was so profound that I began telling everyone I knew about Grace. I now have regular sessions and I use the information she shares to bolster my decision-making process. The greatest gift I have received from Grace is a sense of true peace about my life path. I no longer worry every moment of my life."

Dr. K. Austin, D.C.
Kansas City, MO

"Grace Christian is an extraordinary intuitive on both the physical plane and the mental/spiritual plane. As a medical intuitive she is able to see directly the illnesses and dis-ease that the body carries. She accurately identifies illnesses that allopathic blood tests cannot pick up. She is articulate, gentle, caring and very supportive of anyone who is interested in taking the responsibility for their own lives to achieve overall wellness.
In gratitude and love for the invaluable help received,"

Irma T.