Intuitive Session

I have been using my heightened sense of intuition to help others find answers to their most pressing life questions for over 20 years. I am a long time meditator and I attribute that to my success as a whole health intuitive.

An intuitive session can involve feedback for the client on many areas of their life including discerning what is at the core of a physical illness or a set of symptoms – which may also include learning what the relationship is between the body’s message (through malfunction, illness, or dis-ease) and the individual’s current life circumstances or any unexamined feelings and beliefs.

Often a session involves looking at the bigger picture for the individual, sometimes determining where the person is on their path in life, what may be blocking them from their own success, which relationships may be helping or hindering them, releasing any sabotaging subconscious beliefs, and/or discerning their unique Divine talents.

Knowing these things may help them make crucial life choices.

A session involves me accessing this type of information for the client and helping them comprehend the total picture for themselves. My access to higher understanding has helped others learn more about their individual process of healing, growing, understanding, loving, and evolving.

I offer packages to clients including a year-long package for those who want ongoing Intuitive Business Coaching or Intuitive Life  Coaching.

Eliminating Subconscious or Unconscious blocks to success

During the course of living our human lives, we develop beliefs based on our experiences and on the influence of those around us who are most influential. Many of our beliefs are erroneous or sabotaging. Why? Because we form most beliefs at a very early age and with very immature thought processes. We were doing the best we could at the time, but we had limited knowledge and we came to believe certain things based on what we knew at the time.

These beliefs become subconscious or unconscious very quickly, and little do we know we are still carrying around these limited or sabotaging subconscious beliefs that are running the show of our lives.

In my work with you, I help you identify beliefs that you may be consciously unaware of, but which are still operating at the deepest levels to sabotage your success, and I assist you in eliminating those beliefs so they no longer “run the show”.

Speaking Engagement

For years I have been speaking to groups large and small about the many extraordinary things I have learned as a Medical Intuitive from the thousands of people I have worked with.

I have been shown so much that explains some of life’s biggest mysteries.
I enjoy sharing that information with others as I find it can alter people’s lives in unimaginable ways.

Often I speak on such things as understanding the nature of illness and what it may be telling you about your life, the ripe circumstances for creating success – when it works and when it doesn’t, and how to develop your intuition and use it to help you win.

I have been truly blessed to learn these things through my clients, and I find others are captivated by the stories they hear that allow them to learn and understand as well.

Training / Success Mentoring / Business Coaching

Hearing about the true nature of the Law of Attraction and coming to know “how to use it” is quite another thing. When we commit to putting these concepts into action in our lives, we can run up against roadblocks . . . or, at the very least, stumbling blocks. Both are there to teach us something.

I train both individuals and groups in developing new ways to approach life using creative tools to succeed. I mentor individuals in putting these new understandings into “practice” producing positive results, and effectively addressing any stumbling blocks along the way.  I also offer intuitive business coaching - helping clients understand the next best move to grow their business and how to handle challenging situations that arise.

Healing Therapies

I offer a number of healing services for those that want a "hands-on approach to healing or a long-distance healing session where I work to eliminate congestion in your bio-energy field to clear the way for healing to occur and bring in pure energy to renew you.