Your Soul Chooses A Core issue in This Life:

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In my work, I have discovered that our soul chooses a primary overriding issue to

work through in this life as a way to learn. We are learning to love ourselves. Through

these challenging circumstances that come up again and again, we come to see

where we are not loving ourselves. We will work through one of three major issues:

Self-worth, Abandonment, or Not-trusting. We primarily focus our learning through one of

four avenues: career, finances, relationships, or the body. In this podcast, I discuss these

scenarios and how they can play out in our life so we can comprehend our own soul's choices.
From this, we see the bigger picture of our life and how to heal it.

Why We Don't Heal:

Sometimes, individuals do not heal, even though all circumstances are medically right for

the healing to take place. The body will not finalize healing until we resolve an issue on the emotional

level, or until we shift our belief that keeps us stuck, or for many reasons. Healing is about more

than creating the right circumstances medically. Listen to learn how the body defies
medical science to keep us from healing and what we must do in order to have healing occur on all


Current Challenges-and Solutions -  In Our World In Health, Personal Growth, And Our Environment:

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