Your Incredible Power


Your Incredible Power

By Grace Christian

What might you do with your life if you knew you had access to an Incredible Power? What if this was the same Power the Universe used to create everything that existed?

Would you be overwhelmed with joy and excitement? Would you look at your life differently – knowing you could alter anything about it?

I get so excited when I consider this subject, that I can hardly contain myself. I guess it is easier for me to get more excited than most people because, as a Medical Intuitive, I have had the advantage of being able to visually see this Power in action. My heightened sense of intuition allows me to perceive things in ways others cannot. Over the years, I have seen how this Incredible Power works by seeing patterns in the field around the body.

It is my belief that humanity is on the verge of taking a quantum leap forward causing many people to see what I see with my heightened intuition.

So, what is this Power? How do you access it? . . . and, most importantly, how do you use it to get what you want?

The Power I am referring to is the Power generated by your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.


Yes. That’s right.

We are electromagnetic beings and our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs work together to generate an energy . . . a Power. This Power is what is running the show of your life.

With my heightened intuition, I have seen in the field around the body how The Law of Attraction actually works.

To find out how you have been using – or misusing – your Incredible Power, contact me for a session.

Here is more from someone whom I helped find their own incredible power:

Grace’s intuitive assistance has been extremely enlightening and helpful. Not only has her keen intuition helped me in ways I cannot begin to explain in two sentences, but she has helped my son and husband through seeing their energy in me. I am so grateful that she came into my life.

Cook, Littleton, CO