Medical Intuition Training Program, Level 1

Discover how to access information about the body and life of a client that allows you to better help them in their own healing.  You will learn your own system for reading this information and for understanding the bigger picture of their circumstances.

Develop Your Intuition!!

This class is for anyone interested in learning techniques that can be used again and again to access your intuitive knowing regarding a person, situation, or event.  Practice and perfect your intuition.

Learning meditation and manifesting!

Meditation, Manifestation, and Miracles

Come sit in the silence.  Learn with others to meditate.  Then we all move to practicing a manifestation exercise that brings to you that which you desire.

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Open and Expand Your Intuition

Intuition 101:

training with Grace Christian, Medical Intuitive

Spend a full day focused on engaging in techniques you can use again and again to open or develop your intuition.  These are systems that have been used successfully by others to access and refine intuitive knowing.

About the Cultivating Intuition Workshop and Grace Christian

My goal for this workshop is to help those individuals who know they have intuition to understand it and refine it and give them a taste of medical intuition. This is a workshop; meaning there will be hands-on training, working with others, exercises, and some homework.

There is a week between both halves of the workshop so you can practice.

We will be addressing how your intuition communicates to YOU, how to refine and cultivate your own intuitive knowing, ethics in using your intuition with others, learning ways to “tune-in” to a situation or person, and practicing medical intuition.

I am touching on medical intuition in this workshop so participants can determine if they want to continue with additional training focused in that area.

There are no grades or judgments. This is about you helping yourself refine your own intuition. Anyone is welcome, however, I request you have a passion for learning this skill and an agreement to keep everything confidential.

Cultivating Intuition: Sensing What is Beneath the Surface

November 8, 2015 9am to 3pm & November 15, 2015, 10 am to 3pm, The Wellness Center Hawaii

 1016 Kapahulu Avenue, Suite 110, Honolulu, Hawaii 96816

 Contact Grace at (808) 445-4624 or