Trapped/Suppressed Emotions Keep You From Success

Releasing Trapped/Suppressed Negative Emotions Which Keep You From Success and Love

by L. Grace Christian, Medical Intuitive

Suppressed and trapped negative emotions are one of the biggest blocks to living a happy, healthy life as fully conscious human beings. Almost every human I meet has trapped emotions that continue to sabotage their success in life and love – often in spite of their being super positive. Suppressed or trapped emotions can ruin our health, relationships, career, finances, and self-esteem.
Suppressed negative emotions keep us in a loop of recreating the same problems in our life again and again (because our frequency keeps bringing us the same thing that is resonating within).
Many times we do not realize we have these trapped or suppressed negative emotions. Often, these originate from something that happened when we were very young -- and we simply are not aware they are operating in the background of our lives – in our subconscious.
I believe the physical body is the “outworking of the subconscious mind”. I have been shown this again and again.

Trapped negative emotions are stored in the body as cellular memory. That cellular memory is a tape that is running on the subconscious level that keeps us sabotaging our own success in life, love, and health.

As an example, while living in Scottsdale, AZ, a doctor sent a young woman to see me who had come to him from another state. Her mother and grandmother had heard of him.
The young woman was about 30 years old and had been clinically depressed since she was a child. I spent an hour with her taking her through a therapy I call “Emotional Cellular Memory Releasing”.
She and her mother went back to Virginia and she called me 2 more times in a matter of 2 weeks and we spent an hour on the phone each time doing this same therapy.

Six to eight weeks passed and the woman’s mother and grandmother each called the doctor and asked to speak to me. Both women were in shock because of the dramatic change in their daughter (and granddaughter). She was hanging out with friends, had signed up for college classes, and was making plans for her future. This was a huge change in her behavior.
They each told me they had taken her to see every specialist in the country - with no measurable changes to her condition. They wanted to know what I did!

In our sessions, the young woman did not have to go back to the incident that brought on her depression at a very young age. I simply led her through an easy process where she found within herself where she was holding the incident – and I walked her through a process that allowed her to successfully release it.
The process did give her an understanding of which emotions were suppressed and a clear indication that those had been released by her subconscious.

Another client released the pain associated with her rheumatoid arthritis!!

I have used this system to help individuals with every kind of issue – physical, emotional, financial, relationships, etc.
It works!! Why? Because it is the subconscious mind that is running the show of our life – not the conscious mind.
If you have an issue that has not resolved itself – or keeps coming up again and again – please find a way to address any suppressed negative emotions (whether you think they are there or not).
I call this work Emotional Cellular Memory Releasing.
There are other good systems of addressing trapped negative emotions and releasing them.


Find the one that works for you.