The Frequency of LOVE

By Grace Christian

The highest frequency that exists is the frequency of Love. What is possible at the frequency of Love is unprecedented. Answers come. Guidance is available. Manifestation is imminent.

Each of us has the capacity to cause ourselves to experience this frequency, and by doing so, experience the successes we seek. With practice, we can learn to move into the frequency of Love.

As an intuitive, I have discovered that we are “walking frequency generators” and that most people oscillate at the frequency of fear and worry. Little do they know they are doing this, but this is where they spend most of their time and energy – in worry and fear – which establishes a much, much lower frequency.

Many people do not know they are carrying around such a low frequency. Or that it is that very frequency that is attracting the same kinds of negative experiences and people – the ones they most fear and worry about.

In my consulting practice with individual clients and business groups, I educate them fully on frequencies (we all have them) and how to elevate theirs . . . for success of every kind.

To learn how to move into the Frequency of Love and create all you desire, please contact me for a session.

Here is what one client had to say about our work together:

“Grace Christian is so much more than just an intuitive listening to the human body and how it works. Her utterly professional methodology is a brilliant addition to any physician’s diagnosis or laboratory recommendations, and she provides direct and immediate access to the spiritual and emotional components of body dysfunction and disease. Her approach is elegant, yet as simple as a phrase spoken by that still small voice of truth. She eliminates many of the extraneous aspects of medical guesswork, yet, more importantly, her channel of inspiration is dramatically effective. Not only can she bring to consciousness the unresolved emotional conflicts that contribute to illness in a patient, but she helps deepen the awareness for other physicians and health practitioners toward the common goal of achieving true healing.

I highly recommend Ms. Christian as a vital part of your health team. I know she will comfortably teach you how to think a little differently, how to believe a little differently, and how to love a little differently, without ever forcing you into something for which you are not ready or comfortable. She will ground you, calm you, and give you renewed faith.”

Dr. Steven Dietz,


© Copyright by Grace Christian 2010