For 20 years I have been using my heightened sense of intuition to identify the root cause of an illnesses or disease. With my intuition, I’ve been able to see inside the body and/or go to the area of the body that shows the core of the problem.

In the beginning, clients came to me as a last resort. Test results by our modern medical system may have been inconclusive, or . . . the diagnosis may not have felt right to the client.

Although a problem may show itself as symptoms that look like a particular diagnosis, what is happening at the deepest level of the body may be quite different than what it appears to be on the outside.

Over and over again, I have intuitively seen that strange, seemingly-unrelated symptoms mask unusual toxins and infectious diseases that may have been in the body for some time. What I am saying is: Symptoms of Parkinson’s, MS, arthritis, depression, erratic thoughts, low energy, achy-ness, etc. may be caused by something else previously undetected and can be possibly treated successfully — to eradicate all symptoms.

One woman came to seek answers about the severe arthritis that had developed in her joints in the recent months. My mind went to her jaw and I asked about the dental work that had been done a number of months ago as something was inside the jaw that appeared to be causing the symptoms in her joints. Six months before, she had gotten titanium implants in her jaw to hold her newly capped teeth. What my mind picked up was the titanium was causing severe heavy metal poisoning in her body and showing up in her joints as inflammation. Further testing revealed this was true for her.

Another person came to me when they were having suicidal thoughts and bizarre behavior. A doctor told them they were having a “spiritual meltdown”. My intuition said it was “side effects” and led me to ask them what anti-depressant or anti-anxiety drug they were on. They had just increased the dosage of their anti-depressant, and it was causing the severe symptoms (that were side effects of the medication) in their personality. I encouraged the person to work with the doctor who prescribed the drug to help them slowly come off of it and the symptoms vanished once they did so.

These days, most of my clients come because they are seeking a greater understanding of their bodies, the message their bodies are trying to convey, and what truly went wrong in the first place. The answer is always more than what shows up on the outside as symptoms.

For a deeper understanding of your own physical concerns, please contact me.

“Grace has an incredible ability to communicate with the body. Often it is something that no one else has been able to uncover.” Dr. Joe Breuwet, Upper Cervical Hawaii