The Spiritual Lesson for humanity of 5g wifi installation worldwide

Why We Are Facing This . . .

by Grace Christian, Medical Intuitive                                                                                     March 2019

Through this process of learning of the 5G plan and the devastating effects on our physical and mental health, I have been going into the silence to understand what the message may be for humanity as I do not believe that anything happens by chance. 

I believe we are all souls who agreed to be here on Earth during these experiences. 

If that is so, our souls knew we would experience highly stressful circumstances and environmental changes our ancestors never experienced themselves.

5G technology can cause cancer, brain damage, infertility, and many other dramatic health problems. As well, it is a system that allows for all our devices to be tapped into easily and our private emails, texts, calls, etc. can be read, heard, and recorded.

This is disconcerting, to say the least.

So, why would we as "souls" agree to be here during this time if we knew we would face something we may feel we have no power over?

The Ancients say that overwhelming and traumatic experiences bring up from within each of us a power we may never have known we had! When we are faced with our biggest fear or traumatic circumstances, we are forced to dig down deep within ourselves to pull up a power we never had reason to call on before. 

Each of us has an inner power that can bring to us the solutions to our most unexpected and horrific experiences. 

As we dig down deep, things may happen that surprise us. Such as, we may suddenly have experiences of knowing something is going to happen - before it actually happens. We may awaken from a dream with the formula for a cure to a disease. We may have an overwhelming "knowing" regarding where we are meant to quickly move to geographically in order to remain safe from a toxic environment or to avert an upcoming disaster. The list is endless in terms of how this can show up for each of us.

I believe we each have a power that can lead us to the solutions for any danger or unexpected situation. Now is the time to dig down deep.

When you start to believe that you have the ability to bring to you solutions, even if you do not NOW KNOW what it is, you will set into motion the circumstances that will bring that unfoldment for you. 

This is a recent video by Gregg Braden, an author, scientist, spiritual visionary, and educator that speaks to this:

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 the harmful effects of wifi radiation

Understanding the Danger of 5G

by L. Grace Christian, Medical Intuitive

I have mentioned in my newsletters of the harmful effects of wifi radiation and - most especially - 5G wifi radiation.  5G is set to be implemented across the world this year in 2019.  I feel we should all educate ourselves on the harm it can do to our bodies and our environment so we can prepare for this launch and protect ourselves. 

To better understand what we are dealing with, please see these articles: 

Here is an article about the dangers of wifi:

Here are articles about the dangers of 5G:

Right now, the only thing I am aware of that we can use to protect ourselves from this radiation is products made to be worn or used in your home. I know of a few companies that offer these products. So, below is a link to their websites. You may learn of other companies, and I would appreciate knowing of your discoveries of any other products or companies that protect from this type of radiation.


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This is a reminder of what is going on for all of us during this time of lock down across the world, and a reminder of the good news to come.

We are in the worst stage of the Shift

It seems we are in the most grueling stage of the "Shift" -- the shift in consciousness. Most of us are aware that humans have been waking up. We are learning about our intuitive gifts, natural healing methods, and how we are all connected. As we become fully aware of all of this, we shift our consciousness.

Part of shifting completely is releasing all that no longer serves us. We must release all that is toxic or non-workable to make room for the light-filled truth. Also, I mentioned in a previous newsletter that ea...

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Releasing Trapped/Suppressed Negative Emotions Which Keep You From Success and Love

by L. Grace Christian, Medical Intuitive

Suppressed and trapped negative emotions are one of the biggest blocks to living a happy, healthy life as fully conscious human beings. Almost every human I meet has trapped emotions that continue to sabotage their success in life and love – often in spite of their being super positive. Suppressed or trapped emotions can ruin our health, relationships, career, finances, and self-esteem.
Suppressed negative emotions keep us in a loop of recreating the same problems in our life again and again (because our frequency keeps bringing us the same thing that is resonating ...

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The Frequency of LOVE

By Grace Christian

The highest frequency that exists is the frequency of Love. What is possible at the frequency of Love is unprecedented. Answers come. Guidance is available. Manifestation is imminent.

Each of us has the capacity to cause ourselves to experience this frequency, and by doing so, experience the successes we seek. With practice, we can learn to move into the frequency of Love.

As an intuitive, I have discovered that we are “walking frequency generators” and that most people oscillate at the frequency of fear and worry. Little do they know they are doing this, but this is where they spend most of their time and energy – in worry and fear &...

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Your Incredible Power

By Grace Christian

What might you do with your life if you knew you had access to an Incredible Power? What if this was the same Power the Universe used to create everything that existed?

Would you be overwhelmed with joy and excitement? Would you look at your life differently – knowing you could alter anything about it?

I get so excited when I consider this subject, that I can hardly contain myself. I guess it is easier for me to get more excited than most people because, as a Medical Intuitive, I have had the advantage of being able to visually see this Power in action. My heightened sense of intuition allows me to perceive things in ways others cannot. Over the ...

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For 20 years I have been using my heightened sense of intuition to identify the root cause of an illnesses or disease. With my intuition, I’ve been able to see inside the body and/or go to the area of the body that shows the core of the problem.

In the beginning, clients came to me as a last resort. Test results by our modern medical system may have been inconclusive, or . . . the diagnosis may not have felt right to the client.

Although a problem may show itself as symptoms that look like a particular diagnosis, what is happening at the deepest level of the body may be quite different than what it appears to be on the outside.

Over and over again, I have intuitively seen that strange,...

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The KEY to Success

By Grace Christian

“The key to success is to risk thinking unconventional thoughts. Convention is the enemy of progress.” – Trevor Baylis, inventor

In working with individuals and groups for about two decades as an intuitive and a success coach, I began to recognize early on that the electromagnetic field around their body created a pattern or matrix and it emanated a frequency.

That’s right. We are generating and broadcasting a frequency.

I noticed the pattern shifted as the person’s thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and health changed. Thus, the frequency changed as well.

Just as a tuning fork creates a vibration or frequency and resonates with othe...

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