Grace Christian started practicing meditation while still in the corporate world. As a result, abilities which had been present when she was a child began to re-emerge. She began to see the colorful aura around people, and to know things before they occurred.

Eventually, she could see areas of disease or illness inside the body, as well as images indicating what had caused the illness. As a result, she began working with doctors who practice natural medicine helping their patients understand what was at the core of an illness or disorder and why it started.

In the course of her 20 + year practice as a medical/spiritual intuitive, Grace also developed the ability to intuit a person’s unique gifts, and know what was currently transpiring on their life path.  She helps people get answers about every area of their life.

Grace was ordained as a Kahu (minister in the Hawaiian tradition) as Kahu Makanani with the Kapuaokalani Halau after studying with her Kumu (teacher).

Helping clients learn to develop and trust their own intuition is one of Grace’s primary objectives as she feels it is imperative that we each learn to bring to us solutions to the complex issues we face today.

In working with people from all over the world, Grace focuses on helping each individual understand their life from a higher perspective – learning what their unique talents are, why things have happened in their life, and how to best determine their next move.

“Time and time again Grace’s abilities as a Medical Intuitive prove to be highly accurate in pinpointing the core physical concern for a patient. When appropriate, she is also able to help the patient address the emotional component of the physical dis-ease so they can release it and speed their healing. I highly recommend her services.”

Dr. Jeffrey Robinson
AZ MultiCare
Scottsdale, AZ

My Mission

My mission is empowering individuals to heal themselves and their lives, and develop their intuition in order to lead healthy, satisfying lives as conscious human beings.